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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Donald Trump's face is now on CONDOMS on sale in the United States

The controversial Republican frontrunner is the subject of a bizarre homage after condoms go on sale for £2.

A condom featuring Donald Trump’s face and his catchphrase “I’m huuuge!” has goen on sale. Homewares brand Fishs Eddy have teamed up with to create the product, which you can buy for just under $3 each.(£2)

According to the product listing, these condoms are “built like a wall to keep out STD’s and unwanted pregnancies” and will “help you negotiate rounding the bases and scoring safely”.

Outspoken Trump, who is favourite to win the Iowa Caucuses and the New Hampshire primary this month, has sparked fury over his attacks on Muslims and Mexicans.

Following the ISIS inspired terrorist attack in San Bernadino, California, last month in which 14 people were shot dead he called for a ban on Muslims entering the States.

His comments led to a petition being signed by more than 500,000 people in the UK calling for him to be banned from Britain.

During his campaign to become President he has also attacked Mexicans immigrants calling them "drug dealers" and "rapists", criticised the Chinese, mocked a disabled journalist and launched personal attacks on several women.

He said if he was elected he would build a wall on the US-Mexican border. - mirror uk

Ohio mulls over making sex with animals illegal

If you live in Ohio, then we’ve got some bad news. Your days of having sex with your pets may soon be over.

Two local senators are trying to make it illegal for humans to conduct any sex-related activities with animals.
The bill they’ve put forward would also ban people from selling animals for sexual purposes and buying animals to get down and dirty in the hay.

Detective Jeremy Hoffman made a link between bestiality and child porn.

He told WCPO: ‘I realized that much like those in our society who choose to abuse children, those who sexually abuse animals lack any semblance of a moral compass; they lack any sense of sexual boundaries.’

Currently the bill, brought forward by senators Jim Hughes and Jay Hottinger, has not received any opposition, but who knows? - metro uk

Massive Search And Rescue Finds Its 'Victim' -- A Sex Doll

All she needed was a little air.

A major search and rescue operation in Cornwall, England, Monday discovered that reports of a body floating in the water were blown out of proportion. The actual victim turned out to be an inflatable sex doll, SWNS reported.

A fisherman phoned emergency workers to report that he had spotted a lifeless body floating face down in Newquay Bay, prompting the air and sea search, the agency noted.

About 90 minutes later, a helicopter crew spotted the doll in the middle of the bay, SWNS wrote. The faux female wore a "New York" T-shirt and polka-dot pants. The sex toy's giant red lips were unsmudged by the salt water.

Despite the unexpected find, a rescue official pointed out that the fisherman took the right course of action in calling, the BBC noted.

"The 999 caller gave accurate information which led to a successful search and a positive outcome," lifeboat operations manager Gareth Horner said. "While the doll may have been deflated by the incident we were happy to discover no-one was hurt."

According to the Telegraph, the doll might have been a prank in response to a local Newquay ban on sex dolls. - huffingtonpost