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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Gay Men Draw Vaginas, meet your new favourite Instagram account and (soon to be) book

What do gay men think vaginas look like, you ask?
This one appears to have an eye (Picture: Gay Men Draw Vaginas)
If the Kickstarter to sponsor a man’s potato salad didn’t impress you, this $37,000 attempt to publish a book of vaginas will.
Based on the Instagram account @gay_men_draw_vaginas, which is quite literally exactly as the name suggests, the new project hopes to pull together all the wonderful illustrations of the female anatomy as detailed by homosexual men.
The social media account was launched in June this year by Shannon O’Malley after a gay friend drew a very impressive and detailed vagina for her. As you do.
gay men draw vaginas
All women DO have unicorns coming out of their private parts (Picture: Gay Men Draw Vaginas)
She’s since collected over 300 drawings, and the account now boasts everything from hand-drawn works of art that’ll teach us all a thing or two about what really is down there, to designs so silly they’ll make you snort out loud and embarrass yourself.
The campaign has already raised over $22,000 and with 22 days still to go there’s every chance you’ll be able to scoop up one of these limited edition treasures in time for Christmas.
Your nan will particularly like the ‘monster’ designs we’re sure.
gay men draw vaginas
This second set of eyes on the female anatomy are very important (Picture: Gay Men Draw Vaginas)
gay men draw vaginas
There’s been some very neat colouring-in to accompany this drawing (Picture: Gay Men Draw Vaginas)
gay men draw vaginas
Yes, it looks like it might attack you (Picture: Gay Men Draw Vaginas)

gay men draw vaginas
We’ve got no idea (Picture: Gay Men Draw Vaginas)
Source: Metro

Friday, August 8, 2014

Watch CNN blunder as news network map shows Hong Kong in South America

The American news giant dropped the clanger while using a background graphic to illustrate China's deadly hornet outbreak
Hong Kong at South America? Watch the video here
American news network CNN made the embarrassing mistake of relocating Hong Kong - to South America. The geographical error was made on a picture used to illustrate a news story on China's outbreak of deadly hornets. And the presenter is none the wiser as she completes her piece to camera.

This isn't the first time that CNN have blundered in this way. Back in January 2012 a geographically challenged employee put London in Norfolk on a map used for a story about the phone hacking scandal.

For those who weren't paying attention in GCSE Geography, Hong Kong is actually situated in Asia, thousands of miles away from the point CNN would have you believe.

So either these giant hornets have moved an entire land mass across the globe or someone at CNN isn't too hot on their map reading.

Source: Mirror